15 Ladies Provide Its Best Online dating Guidance

Do Some Guys Really Give Up On All Relationships With Women? Girls, What Do You Think Of These Guys?

Please stop putting unnecessary pressure on your self to “find” that special someone – when the person is right there . Remember the saying, “can’t see the forest for the trees” – well there’s truth to it. Just stop looking and let life and love happen. What a singularly patronising and demeaning article.

There may even be drug or alcohol abuse but that will only materialize later. Wish you had one for a Wounded Girl! I lived the life of an abused woman – verbally, physically, and mentally.

I would never give up on finding a guy. Because all the crap I’ve endured has taught me a lot. I refuse to let my search go in vain. @bones90 So too scared and threatened to be able to talk to a woman.

The men said they desired and respected these independent, high-achieving women and actually saw them as more compatible partners as a result. Honestly, I have given up any hope on finding a decent woman here in the US at all PERIOD. The answer is simple and that is because there are NONE. All the best ones are taken and married. American women don’t know how to love.

The funniest thing in this whole dating scheme is some random person will tell me, either here, some other blog or site, or straight to my face that dating is fun. Lies, time wasting, ghosting, who the hell wants to do all that? I have tried to do this whole “dating” thing the right way and all I get is fucked over. Who the hell has time to make plans with someone, only to them to change plans or flake on those plans without saying shit? As much as people spout off about equality, men sure as hell don’t see much of it when it comes to marriage and having a family.

When men and women endorsed these traditional gender roles early in a relationship, undoing those views in marriage was difficult. The married men I interviewed often left caregiving and housework to the women, while the husbands considered themselves breadwinners and decision makers. This behavior fell in line with national trends.

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