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How to Use the Dating Advice From Andrew Says to Improve Your Social Life

What is it worth to you to uncover the secrets to obtaining the same successful techniques you use to approach, attract, and eventually ate all the women you have ever dreamed of? It is priceless. That’s why every single guy worth his salt knows that learning the dating playbook for men is the best dating secret resource available. To obtain access to this proven technique – a tried-and-true strategy meticulously refined over years of rigorous research – for a minimal investment of time and effort, what could be better?

Here are the top three things any guy worth his salt must do if he truly wants to know how to pick up high quality women. Take Action. Learning the dating ropes takes nothing more than taking action. The old saying “action speaks louder than words” perfectly sums up the truth about picking up hot women. Without taking action, you will never get anywhere. You can’t just talk to women; you’ll never even get close to getting them to come up to you first.

So, what does it mean to take action? It means you are not just sitting around waiting for that ideal first date. It also means that when that first date does happen, you will have established yourself as being an intelligent, grounded man worthy of being taken seriously. You will have made yourself appear to be the type of guy who is able to handle the dating process without getting lost in the process.

Get your Facts Straight. One of the biggest mistakes men make in the dating world is confusing thought with action. When you think about taking action, you probably think about running out and meeting a girl at a bar, or maybe even trying to pick her up at a disco. Well, this sort of thing usually doesn’t work out, because the mentality of most “daters” tends to be highly inflated. If you want to date a real “dater,” the best way to do so is to treat the dating process seriously.

The Dating Booklet Tells It Like It Is. Most of the dating guides and ebooks out there today are full of half-truths, myths, and just plain wrong advice. The dating playbook from Andrew Says goes into great detail about why women want relationships and why they generally go for jerks. This guide is entertaining and lighthearted, but it’s also full of solid information that can help you avoid the bad habits that so many guys inadvertently get into. In fact, if you read through some of the more “dory” side-effects of your favorite dating tricks, you might even look back on your previous bad dates and wonder how you ever thought them through.

It’s All About Attitude. While there may be an element of truth to the idea that a certain type of woman will always take a liking to the guy who strikes her fancy, there’s no real rule for it. So many men think that they know what women want, when really all they’ve got is their own heads full of opinions. The dating playbook from Andrew Says shows men how to talk confidently about the things that women want in the relationship without being a bully or coming on as being too aggressive. It’s true that many men get nervous when approaching a woman for the first time, but a great deal of that nervousness is actually the man’s fear of approaching the wrong person. Getting past his problem with approach anxiety means learning how to approach confident women in the future – which is pretty easy.

It’s All About Texting. While the dating advice from Andrew Says is definitely about staying awake for hours texting girls back, it’s also worth taking a look at the many ways that guys mess up when they’re trying to text someone. For example, one of the worst mistakes that guys make when they’re trying to text women is acting like they’re genuinely interested in them when all they really want to do is show off their stuff. This is a big turn-off for any girl, so learning how to handle a little bit of cluelessness when it comes to texting women should be one of the lessons that you incorporate into your own game plan.

Finally, it’s All About Action. The dating advice from Andrew Says is definitely all about playing it cool and being a gentleman, but he makes it clear that it doesn’t matter how much you’re putting on a front if you’re not going to take action. It’s great advice because it means that you won’t have to lie to women in order to get them attracted to you. Instead of waiting around for them to notice your actions, take action right away – even if you have to lie a little.

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